3 AM
Two papers by Prof. Cheng Hong’s team from the Quality Development Strategy Research Institute have been published by the journals with impact factors ranking the fifth place in the field of economic and the third place in the field of development economics, and become the iconic products of world-class scientific research results of the Institute.Among them, “The Rise of Robots in China” wa...
25 AM
The first issue of quarterly journal Journal of Industry–University Collaboration(ISSN: 2631-357x)ispublished, which is a jointly effort by Research Centerfor China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration of Wuhan University and world-class academic publishing house Emerald.This is the first English academic journal in the field of industry-university-research in China.Journal of ...
4 AM
On June 4th, the new book release ofHubei Folk Documents(ten volumes) was held, which was edited by Professor Zhang Jianmin of the School of History and published by Wuhan University Press. The book was part of the research results of Professor Zhang Jianmin’s team, who has been devoting to the collection of folk literature for more than 20 years. At the same time, a symposium on folk literatu...
25 PM
​On June 25th, the “This Week's Working Papers” column of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), an authoritative economic institution in the US, published in full text the cooperation research paper between Cheng Hong, professor from the Quality Development Strategy Research Institute of WHU, and three professors from Stanford University.The title of the paper is “Do CEOs Know Be...
20 PM
[Academic Perspective] Guan Tao: On China-US Trade Friction
10 PM
[Academic Paper] Academy of Management Journal Presents Professor Wei Wu's Paper
5 PM
[Project News] Wang Tao: "Study on the International Development Strategy of Strategic Emerging Industries"
9 AM
General Secretary Xi Jinping's report to 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, especially where he emphasizes cultural confidence, provides the direction and guideline for further development of the Chinese culture.
26 AM
Rich culture vital to realize Chinese DreamBy Fang Qing | China Daily | Updated: 2017-10-24 07:56Artists from Yuhang Art Troupe of China perform at the Royal Culture Center of Amman in Amman, Jordan, on Oct 11, 2017. A Chinese Culture Week performance tour was held here as part of a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-Jordan diplomatic relationship. [Photo/Xi...
15 AM
Collected Works of Li Da was recently published nationwide by the People's Publishing House. On April 14, the publication seminar of Collected Works of Li Da was held at the People's Publishing House.Li Da was not only one of our outstanding Marxist theorists, philosophers and educators, but also one of the important representatives who popularized Marxism in China. Collected Works of L...
17 AM
Recently, the International Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2016 edited by the Research Institute of Environmental Law of Wuhan University was published by Springer, an international authoritative press. Professor Qin Tianbao served as the co-editor of the book, and Professor Ben Boer and Professor Du Qun as the advisory committee. The Yearbook also contains the paper titled International So...
17 AM
The 2nd issue of the 2017 China Social Science published Professor Fan Ruguo's paper titled "Global Risk Society" Governance: Complexity Paradigm and China's Participation, Professor Fan Ruguo is from the School of Economics and Management of WHU. From the perspective of multidisciplinary theory, this paper systematically analyzes the typical characteristics of the global risk society, th...
1 PM
WHU’s New research on Chinese economy published in a global periodical
19 AM
WHU and Authoritative American Publishing Group Launched English Journal The Third English Academic Journal in the Field of Sociology in China
19 AM
WHU Humanities and Social Sciences Research Major Projects Score Outstanding Achievements
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