On the basis of the original Social Science Department, the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences was established on January 25th, 2010,which is also in charge of administration, scientific research and implementation. As a joint public platform for academic organization, administration and services, it has suchdepartments as Comprehensive Office, Program Development and Result Management Office, Platform Office, Academic Service Office and the Editorial Department of Wuhan University Journal of Humanities and Social Science.


  The Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences performsadministrative functions bymanaging the scientific studies on liberal arts and professional research teams on behalf of the university council. Not only does it serve as a public service platform for important research institutes and bases, it also plays a crucial role in interdisciplinary cooperation promotion, major topic researches, research team construction and academic forums.


Current Leadership:

President: Fang Qing

Vice-President: Zhang Falin, Fang Debin, Tao Jun



Contact Information:

Comprehensive Office

Tel: 027-69756090  027-87882011


Program Development and Result Management Office

Tel: 027-68752283、68756651


Platform Office

Tel: 027-68753886、68752343


Academic Service Office

Tel: 027-68752466、68753882



Research Institutes subordinate to the Academy:

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