Authoritative International Journal of Economics Published Two Important Papers of Cheng Hong’s Team

Two papers by Prof. Cheng Hong’s team from the Quality Development Strategy Research Institute have been published by the journals with impact factors ranking the fifth place in the field of economic and the third place in the field of development economics, and become the iconic products of world-class scientific research results of the Institute.

Among them, “The Rise of Robots in China” was published online by the world-renowned economic journal Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) No. 2 issue, 2019. The first author and corresponding author areall from Cheng Hong’s team.JEP has an impact factor of 5.607 and ranks 5th out of 353 journals in global economics. This paper is the first to study the development of Chinese robots and its impact on the future development of China's economy from the perspective of micro-enterprise data, and it analyzes in-depth the reasons for the rapid development of robots in China from the perspective of government, employer and worker.

Another paper entitled "The Performance of China's State-owned enterprise" by Cheng Hong as the first author, is accepted by Economic Development and Cultural Change(EDCC),the impact factor of which ranks the 3rd in the world in the field of development economics.EDCC is a publication of the Chicago University Press.

In recent years, the Quality Development Strategy Research Institute has adhered to the internationalization of scientific research, increased development efforts, and continued to conduct data surveys for empirical research, and many scientific research results have been produced. At present, the Institute has achieved certain results in producing several world-class papers by collaborating with scholars from the World Bank, Stanford University, Waseda University and Peking University.

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