Wuhan University (WHU) is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, with a time-honored history and glamorous traditions in humanities and social sciences research. Its heritage and progress on scholarship have created a profound environment for humanities studies in Wuhan University.

  The humanities and social sciences of Wuhan University currently have 13 schools and departments, 2 national first-level key disciplines, 10 second-level key disciplines, 4 national key disciplines, 7 key research bases of humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education, 1 national research center for Project 2011 Collaborative Innovation and 2 Centers at provincial level, 14 key research bases of humanities and social sciences in Hubei province and 11 large-scale subordinate interdisciplinary institutes, with over 1500 teaching and research members.

  The University is productive in academic achievements, which attributed to its powerful research capacity. Since 2000, it has published over 30,000 major papers and almost 4,000 monographs, among which 120 pieces of achievements were awarded as the outstanding achievements on humanities and social sciences among all the Chinese high education institutions, 350 items were honored as the “Five Tops” by the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, National Book Award, Chinese Publication Award, Excellent Publication Award, “Top Three Hundred Original Books” and the Excellent Scientific Research on Humanities and Social Sciences of Hubei province. As for the amount of awards gained from the first to sixth work evaluation, our University has the third most achievements on humanities and social sciences among all the Chinese higher learning institutions. In 2013, according to Essential Science Indicators, the discipline of social sciences steps into the top 1% of all the international institutions.

  In recent years, under the guideline of “excellence, integration, dialogue, creativity and development”, Wuhan University prioritizes five development strategies of excellence orientation, edge integration, international dialogue, think-tank construction and source innovation. It also implements six projects of “High-End Talent Development”, “Disciplinary Edges Exploitation”, “Prime Project Cultivation”, “Academic Platform Expansion”, “Luojia Think-Tank Construction” and “International Cooperation Promotion”. All fronts have witnessed rapid development.


Schools and Departments in Humanities and Social Sciences

College of Chinese Language and Literature School of History
School of Philosophy College of Foreign Languages and Literature
School of Journalism and Communication School of Information Management
Economics and Management School School of Law
School of Political Science and Public Administration Department of Arts
Department of Sociology School of Marxism


State Key Disciplines

Theoretical Economics Western Economics
World Economy Political Economics
Population, Resources and Environmental Economics History of Economic Thought and Economic History
Library, Information and Archival Science Library Science
Intelligence Science Archival Science&Social Sciences

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