Ten Volumes of the Hubei Folk Documents New Book Release and Folk Literature and Regional Socioeconomic History Research Symposium were Held

On June 4th, the new book release ofHubei Folk Documents(ten volumes) was held, which was edited by Professor Zhang Jianmin of the School of History and published by Wuhan University Press. The book was part of the research results of Professor Zhang Jianmin’s team, who has been devoting to the collection of folk literature for more than 20 years. At the same time, a symposium on folk literature and regional socioeconomic history research was held.

The ten volumes ofHubei Folk Documentsinclude more than 4,000 original folk contract documents reflecting the social and economic life at the grassroots level in Hubei Province during the past 300 years from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China. The follow-up project team will also release albums such as genealogy and monuments.

The ten volumes ofHubei Folk Documentsare rich in content and distinctive in characteristics, and have important significance for the study of social economic history and regional cultural heritage. The publication of the book will surely promote the in-depth research on Qing history and modern Chinese history, and produce important social implication and academic influences.

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