English Academic Journal Journal of Industry–University Collaboration is Launched

The first issue of quarterly journal Journal of Industry–University Collaboration(ISSN: 2631-357x)ispublished, which is a jointly effort by Research Centerfor China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration of Wuhan University and world-class academic publishing house Emerald.This is the first English academic journal in the field of industry-university-research in China.

Journal of Industry–University Collaborationis committed to better promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of industry, academia and research, exploring new ideas, new models and new mechanisms for cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes based on the theory and practice of industry-university-research cooperation, and promoting the development of innovation-driven country. This Journalisnon-profit and does not charge any fees. In order to improve the quality oftheJournal and enhance the academic influence,based onthe principle of fairness andequity, all the papers submitted to this Journal will be reviewed in strict accordance with the internationally accepted double anonymous review system. And the Journal strives to enter the SSCI search sourcewithin 5 years.

In order to encourage academic exchange and dissemination, the Journal adopts the open access publishing mode, which is the mainstream of the current academic journals. The readers can log onto the journal website, obtain the papers free of charge, and enter the submission system for submission.


It is reported that Emerald is a world-class professional publishing house in the field of managementand library science. It was founded in 1967 by scholars from the Bradford University Management Center (one of the world's top 100 business schools). Emerald is the world's largest publisher of journals in management, library science and information services, as well as high-quality professional journals in engineering and technology applications.

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