China’s Rural Cultural Construction in the Period of Accelerated Urbanization


By: Chen Bo; Geng Da  CHINA SOFT SCIENCE Issue: 7 Published: 2014


    The urbanization process accelerating rural population continued to promote large-scale, urban migration, cultural status at the grass-roots level in rural areas is “hollow” and the “format” feature; disintegrate grass-roots social structure and traditional culture; the farmers demand expression mechanism is not clear, is not perfect, lack of powers of public cultural services in rural communities; cultural identity is weakening; the collapse of t heold social structure in the countryside, the new social structure is exploring the establishment process. Investigation shows, the rural public culture in the context of rapid social r\transformation China gradually into the type of differentiation, division development. In the current era background and realistic basis, the long-term dynamic mechanism design a social forces joined the need to promote the construction of rural public culture.

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