Analysis on Ecological Civilization Construction And the Reform of Environmental Jurisdiction

By: Wang Shuyi CHINA LEGAL SCIENCE Issue: 3 Published: 2014


Promoting ecological civilization construction through reform is the fundamental requirement of the report of Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Decision of the Third Plenum of the party 's Central Committee. From the perspective of the relation between ecological civilization construction and environment protection,the key of ecological civilization construction is environment protection. Environment protection is the main battlefield or battle position of ecological civilization construction. Environmental legislation is the key point,and environment jurisdiction is the entry point. Making a thorough effort to promote judicial reform is the auxiliary power and basic security of ecological civilization construction. Environment judicial reform should focus on the three aspect problems: setting up the modern environment judicial philosophy,making the most use of jurisdiction to protect environment; specializing environment jurisdiction,providing active judicial service; practicing public interest litigation of environment,protecting environment public interest by jurisdiction.

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