Rosa Luxemburg’s Theory on Crisis


By: He Ping JOURNAL of PEKING UNIVERSITY Volume: 51 Issue: 2 Published: 2014 


   In The Accumulation of Capital,Rosa Luxemburg,starting from the aspect of capital accumulation,explored the source and internal mechanism of capitalist crisis and made an etiological diagnosis of it. First,this book differentiates capital accumulation from crisis, and stresses that crisis is a special external phenomenon in capital accumulation and only an element of the cyclic form in capitalist reproduction. Based on this differentiation,this book evolves from the analysis of the phenomenal aspect of crisis to the study on capital accumulation as the essential aspect of crisis,discovering that the shortage of capital demand is the source of crisis. Then,this book examines the effect of the realization of capital accumulation for non-capitalist classes and non-capitalist countries,and explains that capital accumulation achieves its targets at the expense of non-capitalist countries who are accordingly victims of capital accumulation and real sufferers of crisis. Finally,this book analyzes the extreme limit of capital accumulation,and proves that capital accumulation will come to an end and capitalist mode of production will be finished when the non-capitalist countries of the world are completely capitalized. In the course of capitalization,a worldwide socialist revolution is inevitable because the essence of the revolution is to replace capitalist economic form with socialist economic form,to eradicate capital accumulation and to get rid of crisis completely.The views in this book are still of great help for us to understand the essence of the financial crisis in the present-day world and to explore a way for the underdeveloped countries to shake off crisis. So,in this sense,this book is a valuable ideological heritage bequeathed to us by Rosa Luxemburg.

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