【Work Progress】Group Meeting of the "Minzang" Compilation Cultural Project was Held

News Network (Correspondents Chen Qi and Wang Zheng) - On June 2, coinciding with the first anniversary of the Cultural Heritage Development Symposium, the second leadership group meeting of the "Minzang" Compilation Cultural Project was held at Wuhan University.

Guo Qiyong stated that the "Minzang" Compilation Cultural Project is a significant undertaking aimed at continuing cultural heritage and writing new chapters in history, receiving high expectations and substantial support. He urged each author in the compilation team to take full responsibility for their manuscripts, emphasizing that "quality is not just empty talk", Manuscripts should be thoroughly reviewed, revised, scrutinized, and polished to ensure every word is carefully considered. The goal is to present high-quality academic results with depth, height, and value.

It was learnt that on June 1 and 2, the symposium on the development of the "Minzang" Compilation and Research Center and the first batch of results of the "Minzang Literature Collection" were successfully concluded and published.

(Photographer: Jin Xin, Editor: Zhao Jifan)

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