【Scholar Activities】Professor Liu Anzhi Attends Symposium on Building Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation and Delivers Keynote Speech

News Network (Correspondent Li Xuan) - On June 2, the symposium "Building Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation," hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was held in Beijing.

Professor Liu Anzhi from School of History at Wuhan University was invited to attend this conference. In the afternoon session on "Historical Interpretation of the 'Five Distinct Characteristics' of Chinese Civilization," he delivered a keynote speech titled "Examining the Unity of Chinese Civilization through Turpan Manuscripts." Drawing on his extensive research on Turpan manuscripts, Professor Liu discussed the political, economic, and cultural unity of Chinese civilization, emphasizing the significance of Turpan documents as evidence of this unity. He highlighted the Tang dynasty's unified political, economic, and cultural history as vividly depicted in these manuscripts, demonstrating the close ties between the western regions and the inland, weaving a unified Chinese historical narrative.

(Editor: Zhao Jifan)

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