【Luojia Forum】Professor Wang Liming Elaborates on New Developments in Breach of Contract Remedies

On the afternoon of May 31, renowned civil law scholar and distinguished professor at Renmin University of China, Professor Wang Liming, delivered the 435th Luojia Forum lecture titled "New Developments in Breach of Contract Remedies."


Professor Wang systematically explained the new developments in breach of contract remedies within the framework of the Civil Code and the General Principles of Contract Interpretation. He discussed the concepts and value principles of breach of contract remedies, emphasizing principles like fill-in-the-gap, trust protection, fairness, and the value of breach prevention. He then delved into ten areas including contract termination, specific performance, deducting costs from recoverable benefits, alternative transactions, calculating gains by the breaching party, using recoverable benefits and actual losses together, set-off of gains and losses, adjustment of liquidated damages, and fundamental breach systems. His systematic suggestions enriched the understanding of new developments in breach of contract remedies and provided valuable references for legal application.

During the Q&A session, Professor Wang addressed questions from the audience on topics such as the theoretical basis for judicial termination of contracts and the rules for adjusting liquidated damages.


(Reporter: Ran Keping, Photographer: Wang Cong)

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