【Luojia Forum】Lecture 429: Researcher Yang Jiemian Discusses the Integrated Development of Universities and Diplomacy in the New Era

On the afternoon of May 8, researcher Yang Jiemian was invited as a guest speaker at the 429th Luojia Forum, delivering a report titled "The Integrated Development of Universities and Diplomacy in the New Era."


The report was divided into three parts: "Political Positioning Integrated with Professional Expertise," "It is better to retreat and weave a net than to stand by the water and envy the fish. " and "Current Key Academic Diplomatic Tasks." Researcher Yang emphasized, "International relations scholars must combine theoretical research with practical applications, particularly by extensively engaging in academic diplomatic practices."


During the Q&A session, Yang provided detailed answers to questions from faculty and students on topics such as conducting regional and country-specific research, integrating international relations theory into academic papers, and the importance and necessity of studying international issues in Third World countries.


It is noted that researcher Yang Jiemian focuses on major power relations, the international system, global governance, and Chinese diplomacy.

(Reporter: Wan Jia, Photographer: Wang Zeyu)

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