【Luojia Forum】Li Jianming: The Concept of "Early Modern" in World Historical Periodization

On May 10, Professor Li Jianming from the History Department of Fudan University gave a lecture at the 428th Luojia Forum, titled "The Concept of 'Early Modern' in World History Periodization."

The report was divided into three parts: "Formation and Initial Meaning of the 'Early Modern' Concept," "Localization and Globalization of 'Early Modern'," and "Applicability of 'Early Modern' in Domestic Historical Periodization." Professor Li introduced the tradition of periodization in Western historiography and American historians' use of the "Early Modern" concept. He argues that the concept of "Early Modern" encounters numerous challenges and dilemmas in its practical application. To overcome these obstacles, Western historians are currently attempting to redefine this concept. In Chinese academic circles, there are diverse translations and interpretations of the "Early Modern" concept, necessitating scholars from various disciplines to approach its usage with different perspectives.


During the Q&A session, Professor Li Jianming and Professor Chen Yong from the History Department of Wuhan University discussed the definition of "Early Modern," the British Industrial Revolution, and parliamentary reforms. Professor Li also provided detailed answers to questions from faculty and students on the characteristics of the Middle Ages and methods of historical periodization.

It is noted that Professor Li Jianming specializes in fields such as early American history and political cultural history and has served as the President of the Chinese Association for American History Research.

(Reporter: Xu Yan)

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