【Academic Achievements】Professor Han Han Edits "Industrial Heritage Tourism" to Aid the Construction of the "Three Major Systems" of Industrial Heritage Research

The textbook "Industrial Heritage Tourism," edited by Han Han, a teacher at the National Institute of Cultural Development in Wuhan University, was recently published by China Tourism Press. As a supporting textbook for the Master of Tourism Management (MTA) course "Industrial Heritage Tourism," it is based on the practice of industrial heritage tourism in China and plays a significant role in constructing the "three major systems" of industrial heritage research.

The book is composed of seven parts: "Introduction," "Benefits, Principles, and Techniques of Industrial Heritage Tourism," "Macro Paths for Promoting Industrial Heritage Tourism," "Tourism Planning and Design Based on Different Scales of Industrial Heritage," "Development History and Cases of Industrial Heritage Tourism in China," "Development History and Cases of Industrial Heritage Tourism Abroad," and "Relevant Documents and Organizations of Industrial Heritage Tourism at Home and Abroad." It includes nearly a hundred exemplary cases of industrial heritage tourism practices from the new era, attempting to construct a theoretical system of industrial heritage tourism with contemporary academic style and pursuit. This book, as the first professional textbook in China's industrial heritage tourism field, is rooted in local Chinese experiences and relevant theories. It adopts an interdisciplinary perspective, emphasizes contemporary issues, and advocates a problem-oriented approach. The writing style is both profound and accessible, balancing theory with practical applications. It aligns with the future development trends of industrial heritage tourism, combining cutting-edge, foundational, and applied aspects.

"Industrial Heritage Tourism" is not only suitable for teaching related courses for MTA students but also for teaching courses in tourism management, cultural heritage, museum studies, and cultural industry management at various levels. Additionally, it is suitable for training, learning, or self-study by related enterprises, institutions, and individuals engaged in industrial heritage tourism, making it widely applicable. As an innovative and applied talent training textbook for tourism majors nationwide, it is now available nationwide.

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