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The discipline of international law at Wuhan University is endowed with a long and brilliant history characteristic of Wuhan University. Many prestigious scholars on international law have taught and studied here, such as the ex-presidents of Wuhan University, Wang Shijie and Zhou Gengsheng, and others like Yan Shutang, Mei Ru’ao, Li Haopei, Wang Tieya, Yao Meizhen, and Zhao Lihai, just to name but a few. Their prominent academic accomplishments have laid the imperishable foundation for the Institute of International Law.

Founded in 1980, the Institute of International Lawwas the first college-based academic institution on international law research and one of the earliest to grant master, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in science of law. The Institute was approved as a key institute in 1987 by the National Education Commission and a major participant in 1988. In 1997, its “International Law and Comparative Law” project was listed in the “211 Key Projects” by National Education Commission.

Over the past 35 years, the Institute has conducted researches on public international law, private international law, international economic law as well as comparative law characterized by a historic interdisciplinary method. Its academic distinction owes much to its full coverage and progress of all branches, renowned young and middle-aged scholars and its leading accomplishments in teaching and research.

The Institute was granted as a major college-affiliated research base on humanities and social sciences by the Ministry of Education in September 2000. At the end of 2004, the project proposal entitledInternational Law and a New International Orderconcerning collaboration among majors on world economy and international studies was approved as an innovation project in philosophy and social sciences as a part of the “985 Project”.

The Institute has 27 professional fellows by 2015. The current director is Zeng Lingliang, a senior professor of Humanities and Social Sciences of Wuhan University.

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