Center for Social Security Studies

Introduction of Center for Social Security Studies (CSSS)

The Center for Social Security Studies (CSSS) comes from the reorganization of the former Social Security Teaching and Research Section in the Finance and Insurance Department of the School of Economy, the former Center for Social Security Studies, the Social Security Study Institute, and the Public Management and Social Security Department of Wuhan University.

CSSS was approved by the Education Ministry as the Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science in the year of 2000. CSSS has a solid intellectual anchor of well-known and experienced scholars engaged in encouraging and productive interaction with promising young researchers. Meanwhile, as the only state-level Social Security Research and Innovation Base, it has been selected as “211 Project” for higher education and the second batch of the national “985 Project”.

The CSSS has 70 faculty members. Professor Deng Dasong is the director of the Center. The other two associate directors are Professor Li Zhen and Professor Zhao Man. The Academic Committee members of CSSS are Professor Deng Dasong, Professor Li Zhen, Professor Yuan Zhigang, Professor Lin Yi and Professor Zhou Changcheng under the leadership of the director Professor Zhao Man. In the recent 5 years, CSSS has undertaken more than 200 projects at both national and provincial levels, whose research budget is over 50,000,000 Yuan. It has published more than 70 volumes of books and 1300 significant academic papers on social security, which won the Center the 1st prize of Hubei Provincial Research Results of Humanities and Social Science and other 40 national or provincial prizes.

Additionally, CSSS performs a critical function on effectively fostering policy-making mainly through its researches. It has produced over 60 consulting reports for public administrative departments such as the Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Hubei provincial government, Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hubei Province and the Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission. It has been in close contact with academic institutions and organizations at home and abroad for many years and shows ever–increasing international influence. Now, with the first and the only social security discipline at the national level, CSSS has run 3 doctoral programs respectively on social security, public economy management and social medicine and one postdoctoral program on public management.

The CSSS faculty members practice the spirit of “Education, Exploration, Innovation and Dedication”, devote to the prosperity of our country and endeavor for future. They are building CSSS into a center for talents training, academic research, policy consultation and academic exchange as well as the information hub for national disciplines of social security and public economy management. These staffs contribute to the promotion and development of the national social security and economy.

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Address: Center for Social Security Studies of Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Postcode: 430072

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