【Luojia Forum】Professor Ning Qi Discusses the Cultivation of Cross-Cultural Competence in Foreign Language Talents

On the afternoon of May 17, Ning Qi, Vice President of Peking University and Boya Distinguished Professor, was invited as a guest speaker at the 431st Luojia Forum at Wuhan University, delivering an academic report titled "Cultivating Cross-Cultural Competence in Foreign Language Talents for Civilizational Exchange and Mutual Learning." The forum was successfully held at the Old Library on Yingding.

At the beginning of the forum, Professor Ning pointed out the new challenges and dilemmas faced by China in the current international discourse system. She emphasized the significant mission shift for foreign language talents, transitioning from merely "translating the world" to "translating China and the world," from "helping China understand the world" to "helping the world understand China" as well, thereby actively shaping a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and authentic image of China globally. This necessitates the cultivation of cross-cultural competence in foreign language talents, enabling them to proficiently use foreign languages to conduct international communication of Chinese thought and culture.


However, there is a systemic lack of Chinese traditional culture knowledge among foreign language talents in universities. Professor Ning suggested that foreign language learners should deepen their understanding of Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture formed through continuous inheritance, creative transformation, innovative development, and the advanced socialist culture, brilliant Chinese civilization, and Chinese national spirit.

Professor Ning particularly emphasized that foreign language learners need to work on "Chinese thought, international expression." Researching and understanding foreign cultures is a prerequisite for the successful international communication of Chinese thought and culture, which requires strong support from in-depth country-specific and regional studies. Moreover, the dissemination process needs precise expression that aligns with cultural acceptance psychology and reaches the audience's hearts.

Professor Ning stated that in our era, letting the world see China, hear China, and understand China is the mission of contemporary foreign language talents and the value of our study and research. During the discussion, Professor Ning interacted warmly with faculty and students on how regional and country-specific studies in foreign languages can connect with and support the construction of interdisciplinary studies, receiving enthusiastic responses and applause.


It is noted that Professor Ning Qi is dedicated to Russian linguistics and Russian Central Asian studies, focusing on the construction of foreign language disciplines and talent cultivation. In December 2023, Professor Ning was awarded the "Friendship Medal" by the Russian Federation.

(Reporter: Lin Ke, Photographer: Huang Yuan)

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