Chen Wenxin



Chen Wenxin was born in August 1957, in Gong’an county, Hubei Province. Bachelor of Arts; Doctor of Philosophy. Professor of College of Chinese Language and Literature, Wuhan University; director of Institute of Literature during Ming & Qing Dynasties. Under his editorship, the 18-volume A Chronicle of Chinese Literature covers literature in both ancient and modern times systematically and completely. It has been awarded the First Session Chinese Publishing Government Award Nomination (2008), first prize in the Sixth Session Outstanding Achievements of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hubei Province (2009). It has also been listed into: Prominent Achievements of Ten-Year Construction of Key Research Bases by the Ministry of Education (2000-20001), the 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of New China Exhibition of Achievements of University Philosophy and Social Sciences (1949-2009), representative achievements in “the Development of Publishing after the Sixteenth CPC National Session” (2002-2012). Some of his academic monographs include:Traditional Novel and Tradition of Novel, History of Aesthetic Development in Classical Chinese Novel, Spectrum and Style of Chinese Novel, Logic Progress and Major Theoretical Questions of Poetics in Ming Dynasty, Literature and Cultural Ecology of Imperial Examination in Ming Dynasty, Emergence and Development of Awareness of Literature School in China, On Spectrum of Poetry and Prose and Poetology from Ji Collections.Besides, he has published over 200 papers.

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