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The Academy of Development was founded in 2002 and is directly subordinated to the Wuhan University. It is an interdisciplinary and cross-departmental institute on comprehensive development. As one of the first key research bases of humanities and social sciences in Hubei province, the Academy aims to conduct high level researches based on a common development target. Being an open research platform, it has created a new network integrating government policies, industries, study and research backed up by the relevant disciplines to provide strong intellectual support for the local economic and social development, create new think-tank and exert important social influence. At present, it is striving to build a new think-tank to provide powerful intellectual support for the regional economic and social development.

Under the principle of serving local development, the Academy of Development has conducted a large number of studies and consultations for decision-making.It is responsible for hundreds of research projects commissioned by the municipal and provincial governments, the Ministry of Education and the Central Government. In recent years, it has discharged projects such as the intellectual achievements procurement by the local government, provincial schemes (including science & technology planning, social science funding, local think-tank and think-tank for science & technology) — Study on the Cooperation Mechanism of the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C for promoting local development; National Self-innovation Pilot Development Plan of East Lake, a study on accelerating the development of cities along middle and upper reaches of Yangtze River; Innovation-Oriented Province—Study on the Construction of Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zones in Hubei Province, Study on Resolutions to Development of Technology-intensive Services, Study on Resolutions to Scientific Development Regarding the Livelihood of Local People, the 12th Five-year Plan of the Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Research , Comprehensive Study on Baibuting Garden Community, to name just a few. A batch of proposals and research achievements, endorsed by leaders of the Central Party of CPC, the State Council and the local governments have yielded significant impact on social development.

Reports on development of Hubei province were compiled by the Academy of Development in 2003 and have been published for 12 consecutive years. With broad social influence, the publication has become a major academic brand of humanities and social sciences research among colleges and universities in Hubei.

Now the Academy, as the base for regional development research and science as well as technology think-tank, has become a public platform for integrating innovative resources and promoting collaborative innovation.


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