【Yangtze Forum】Professor Zhou Zheng from the University of Hong Kong Discusses Innovation Development and China Strategy Research

On the morning of May 27, Professor Zhou Zheng from the University of Hong Kong was invited to the Yangtze Forum at Wuhan University, delivering a lecture titled "Innovation Development and China Strategy Research."

Professor Zhou first compared various patents from China with those of other countries, finding that while China leads the world in patent quantity, it lags in innovation quality. Based on social ecology theory, he proposed the research question: How does urban air pollution affect local enterprises' green innovation? Zhou explored the impacts of urban air pollution on incremental and radical green innovation through stress and damage effects and examined the moderating effects of green finance and employee welfare. Using sample data from listed companies in heavily polluting industries in China, he addressed these issues through fixed-effects models and regression analysis.

During the Q&A session, Professor Zhou answered questions raised by the audience, discussing the continuity of effects, handling of second-hand data, the impact of environmental pollution awareness on stress, and the effects of other types of pollution on innovation.

He suggested that researchers should leverage China's unique characteristics for research, developing innovation strategies with Chinese characteristics. Professor Zhou's report provided valuable insights for government innovation policies and corporate innovation practices, sparking lively discussions among the attendees.


(reporter: Zeng Yixuan, Reviewer: Zeng Fu'e)

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