Li Long


Born in January 1937 in Qiyang County of Hunan Province, Li Long is a jurisconsult. Graduated from the Law Department of Wuhan University in 1958, he studied jurisprudenceand had a unique understanding of the basic theories such as rule of law, human rights, the general principles of law, and the domain of jurisprudence, which had exerted an extensive impact in China. In 1997, he led the delegation of the Chinese Jurisprudence Society to take part in the 18th representatives conference of International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy held in Argentina. In 1999, he took part in some important international academic conferences such as the China-U.S. jurisprudential scholar joint conference and delivered keynote speech as the representative of the Chinese side. In 2001, he chaired the Cross-strait jurisprudence research meeting, and took part in the seminar in Taiwan as the head of the mainland jurisprudence delegation. He used to serve as the dean of the Department of Political Education of Hubei Normal University, Vice Dean of the School of Law of Wuhan University, Honorary Dean of the Lawyer Further Education College of Wuhan University, Dean of the School of Law of Zhejiang University, council member of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Deputy Director of the first Legal Education Guiding Commission of the State Education Commission, Vice President of the China Jurisprudence Society, Vice President of the National Legal Education Society, standing director of the China Law Society, main member of the legal team of the Central Marxist Theory and Construction Project. Basic Theory of Constitution authored by him and the Jurisprudence co-authored by him have won the first prize of the National Excellent Textbook in HEIs Award, Conscience Law which was edited by him has won the first prize of legal textbooks and science of law excellent achievement of the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights Theory and Practice, in which he served as the executive editor-in-chief, has won the 2nd Prize in the National Humanities and Social Sciences Research Achievement in HEIs Award,the Reform and Future of China’s Law Education he chaired has won first prize of national level teaching achievement award.

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