Institute of Education Science

On the basis of the original Institute of High Education, the Institute of Education Science was established in July 2003. It has divisions such asDivision of High Education, Division of Education Economics and Management, Division of Education Theory, Division of Module and Teaching Methodology, Division of Instructional Technology, Department of Education, Center for Education Law, Center for Postgraduate Education, Evaluation Center for Education Scientific Research, Center for Education Leadership, Head teacherCenter, Secretariat of High Education Institute of Wuhan University and Wuhan University High Education Security Center. It currently runs 1 PhD program on education economics and management, 4 academic master programs on high education, education economics, module and teaching methodology and education theory as well as 2 professional master programs on education and engineering. It has 33 faculty members, including 9 professors, 8 associate professors and 6 lecturers and 16 of them have acquired a PhD degree. Besides, it has invited world-renowned educationists and scholars as visiting professors and researchers.

In recent years, the Institute has undertaken over 50 national and provincial scientific projects and published 30-some monographs and 300 papers, which has won it more than 10 titles and awards such as second prize among nationalacademic achievements and the first prize among provincial academic achievements.

Address: The Institute of Education Science, Luojiashan, Wuhan, Hubei Province
  Postcode: 430072
  Tel: 027-68772118
  Fax: 027-68772054


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