Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy

To address the challenge of national quality safety, Wuhan University Institute of Quality Development Strategy (WHUIQDS) was founded in 2007 under the auspices of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine(AQSIQ), Hubei provincial government and the University, with a focus on macro-quality management.

The government substantially participated in the founding of WHUIQDS by jointly establishing a special Council responsible for allocating an average annual amount of RMB10 million as scientific research funds, which enabled the institution to undertake a number of major scientific projects, such as the national projects on social science and Sci-Tech. To meet the great national strategic demand and solve the most pressing problems on quality safety and quality development, WHUIQDS set up subject of macro quality management on the basis of general quality management and got permit to run an academic journal entitledThe Research of Macro Quality. Armed with the innovation synergy mechanism that gives full play to the governmental management, market-oriented economy, talents cultivation in colleges and universities, scientific and technological researches and user innovation, it has built a "quality observation and survey network " with the footage of several provinces, developed a "quality safety monitoring e-platform" and established an operation platform for scientific research transformation for shenduwang. In addition, it has performed as a modern think-tank, offering continuous suggestion on quality decision-making to related national sectors and leaders. It has been engaged in reforms on quality management institutions, state council's program for quality development, the strategic design of quality of economic growth and many other quality decision-makings. It has also set up a training platform for over 7000 leading cadres from 30 provinces, regions and cities, thus praised as an important think-tank on national quality by the state councilor Wang Yong. In view of this, the AQSIQ and Hubei provincial government have jointly invested in Wuhan University to build the Lecture Hall of China’s Quality Inspections,generally used for WHUIQDS' scientific researches, teaching activities and social services.


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