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Under the supervision of the Ministry of Education,Law Reviewis a comprehensive bimonthly onlaw theories. Its predecessor isInformation of Law Study,an internal publication of Wuhan University. In 1983,it was renamed asLaw Review, and was officially published and issued to domestic and international readers. Han De-pei, an established expert of international law, and Ma Ke-Chang, expert of criminal law, once acted as editor-in-chief.

Law Reviewis a core journal of law in CSSCI. Full texts of all its publications are available on CNKI. Owning to its academic values, in-depth theories and pioneering practicability,Law Reviewhas gained favorable comments from readers both at home and broad. It is a majorlaw journal in China.

Featuring reviews and practicability,Law Reviewtakes it as its own duty “to vitalize law, and to serve legal system”, giving unswerving support to the policy of reform and opening up. Some current columns are: Review·Monograph·Contention, Views on Judicial Reform, Rule of Law in Sustainable Development and Environment, EU Law Forum, WTO Law, Overseas Legal Systems, Practice of Law, Studies of Law History, Essays on Law, etc.

Domestic issue number ofLaw Review: CN42-1086/D; international issue number: ISSN1004-1303. Domestic post subscription code: 38-107; international post subscription code: BM1230. Subscribers abroad can also subscribe via China International Book Trading Corporation. Official website: We sincerely welcome your contribution and subscription.

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