[Academic Work]the Sixth Volume of "Collection of Excavated Warring States Bamboo Slips in Chu State" was Published

News Network (Correspondent Jian Xuan) Recently, the sixth volume of the "Collection of Excavated Warring States Bamboo Slips in Chu State," titled "Bamboo Slips from Baoshan Chu Tombs," was published by the Cultural Relics Press. This book is one of the achievements of the major research project "Comprehensive Compilation and Research on Chu Bamboo Slips" (03JZD0010) funded by the Ministry of Education's Key Project of Humanities and Social Sciences Research. It was completed through collaboration between the Bamboo and Silk Manuscripts Research Center of Wuhan University and the Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, with Chen Wei and Peng Hao as the chief editors, and Liu Guosheng, Hu Yali, and Chen Wei as the authors.

This book presents the latest catalog of bamboo slips unearthed from the Baoshan No. 2 Chu tomb excavated in Wangchang Village, Shili Pu, Jingmen, Hubei in the 1980s. In addition to conventional photographs, it also includes relatively clear infrared images. The text and annotations comprehensively incorporate existing research results in the academic community, with significant improvements. The "Collection of Excavated Warring States Bamboo Slips in Chu State" consists of six volumes, and with this publication, the entire series has been completed. The compilation and publication received support from the Special Funds for Ancient Chinese Texts Project and National Special Fund for the Compilation and Publication of Ancient Books.

(Edited by Zhao Jifan)

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