[Academic Seminar]Seminar on the Writing of Chinese Literary History and Release Conference of Literary History Works Held

News Network (Correspondent Wang Zheng) From March 24th to 25th, the "Seminar on the Writing of Chinese Literary History and Release Conference of Literary History Works" jointly organized by the School of Literature of Wuhan University, the Key Research Base for National Textbook Construction of Higher Education at Peking University, the Research Center for Chinese Traditional Culture, and the Research Center for Chinese Religious Literature and Religious Documents at Wuhan University was held at Wuhan University. More than 100 scholars, editors, and journalists from universities, research institutions, publishing houses, and magazine across the country attended the conference.

Shen Zhuanghai pointed out that the ancient literary discipline of Wuhan University has formed two distinctive research traditions: the writing of Chinese literary history and the research on traditional culture and literary traditions. Regarding the "writing of Chinese literary history," since the era of scholars like Liu Yongji and Cheng Qianfan, Wuhan University has had five generations of scholars devoted to this field. The three major projects led by Professor Chen Wenxin, Professor Wu Guangzheng, and Professor Lu Xiaojun, funded by the National Social Science Fund, namely, "Compilation, Research, and Database Construction of Chinese Literary History Works," "History of Chinese Religious Literature," and "Chronological History of Literary Activities in Chinese Academies through the Ages," embody the intergenerational inheritance of the "writing of Chinese literary history" at Luojia Mountain. The members of these three projects come from all over the country, and the application and research of the projects have also received support from many experts in universities nationwide. On behalf of Wuhan University, Shen Zhuanghai expressed sincere gratitude to the experts.

Du Xiaoqin pointed out that summarizing the experience of writing Chinese literary history over the past century and organizing the compilation of a new form of Chinese literary history for the new era is the task of the Key Research Base for National Textbook Construction of Higher Education at Peking University. Yu Ting pointed out that the discipline of ancient literature at Wuhan University has a long history and distinctive characteristics. The three sets of results released at this conference are the crystallization of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Literature of the discipline, reflecting the unique style and flourishing momentum of the discipline, and the efforts of the three chief experts have made their own contribution to the construction and assessment of the discipline. Yang Hua pointed out that Professor Yu Laiming is the deputy director of the Research Center for Chinese Traditional Culture at Wuhan University, and Professors Chen Wenxin, Wu Guangzheng, and Lu Xiaojun are part-time researchers at the center. The three sets of books released today are also research results of the Research Center for Chinese Traditional Culture. Professor Yang also pointed out based on his research experience that since the May Fourth Movement, Chinese literary history has been written according to Western traditions. In the past decade, the writing of Chinese literary history has shifted towards localization, and these three sets of books have contributed to the construction of Chinese discourse.

Shen Zhuanghai and Du Guiping, convener of the Chinese Language and Literature Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and professor at the School of Literature of Beijing Normal University, unveiled the "Collected Works of Chinese Literary History during the Republic of China Period" (edited by Chen Wenxin and Yu Laiming, 14 volumes), "History of Chinese Religious Literature" (edited by Wu Guangzheng, 19 volumes), and "Selected Works of Academy Education in the Qing Dynasty" (edited by Lu Xiaojun, 12 volumes).

The conference also held five special discussions in two groups. Representatives conducted in-depth exchanges on many topics in the fields of Chinese literary history writing, Chinese literary history, Chinese religious literary history, and Chinese academies. The quality of the papers presented by conference representatives was quite high, attracting a lot of attention from attending editors. The journal Changjiang Academic alone selected 15 papers from the conference papers for publication in subsequent issues.

(Photos provided by the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences; Edited by Zhao Jifan)

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