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The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has raised concern that it may involve an extensive economic growth pattern at a higher cost of energy and the environment, and China is making a great effort to construct a green BRI, which may improve the general energy efficiency of BRI countries. Therefore, it is important to investigate whether backward countries with low energy efficiency are catching up with frontier countries or falling behind.
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On August 30th, the “Symposium on China’s Practice of International Law” hosted by the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University was held in Wuhan. Nine international law experts from five universities in China delivered keynote speeches on China’s international rule of law practice, trade war between China and the United States and other issues.Shen Zhuanghai, Deputy Secretary of ...
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​On August 21, 2019, the Asian Civilization Cooperation Publishing Initiative was held in Beijing. Professor Wu Genyou, Dean of the School of Philosophy of Wuhan University and Dean of the Institute for Studies of Civilization Dialogue, attended the Initiative and gave a keynote speech on behalf of the higher education institutions.The event was hosted by China Publishing Association, Internat...
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On July 29, 2019, Sun Yefang Economic Science Foundation issued a public notice, and theWestern Economic Ethics Researchedited by Professor Qiao Hongwu from the School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University won the 18th Sun Yefang Economic Science Award. The book is the only award-winning work in this year's Sun Yefang Award. Professor Qiao Hongwu also became the first person to receiv...
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In the board of directors’ election of the International Society of Scientometrics and Information Metrology (ISSI) in 2019, Zhang Lin, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Information Management, was elected as a permanent member. This is the first time a Chinese scholar has entered the ISSI board.Founded in 1993 in Berlin, Germany, the ISSI is the world's most authoritative a...
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Two papers by Prof. Cheng Hong’s team from the Quality Development Strategy Research Institute have been published by the journals with impact factors ranking the fifth place in the field of economic and the third place in the field of development economics, and become the iconic products of world-class scientific research results of the Institute.Among them, “The Rise of Robots in China” wa...
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The first issue of quarterly journal Journal of Industry–University Collaboration(ISSN: 2631-357x)ispublished, which is a jointly effort by Research Centerfor China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration of Wuhan University and world-class academic publishing house Emerald.This is the first English academic journal in the field of industry-university-research in China.Journal of ...
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Lately, Professor Huang Zhixiong visited the University of Sheffield School of Law and the famous think tank Chatham House to conduct academic exchanges in the field of cyberspace international law.At the invitation of Prof. Nicholas Tsagourias, Director of the Center for International Law and European Law at the University of Sheffield and Professor of International Cyberspace International La...
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On June 15th, the International Symposium on the Sino-Japan Relations in the New Era was held at Wuhan University, it was hosted by the Japan Research Center of Wuhan University, co-hosted by the Institute of Social Sciences of Waseda University and organized by the Institute of International Studies of Wuhan University.In the keynote session, scholars in China and Japan generally believe that ...
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On June 14, 2019, the 101st lecture of the Yangtze River Forum was held at the School of History of Wuhan University. Han Dongyu, vice president of Northeast Normal University and Changjiang Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, was invited to give a lecture entitled “Approaching the ‘Courtesy Debate’ in Modern East Asia from the Collection of Tokugawa Museum”.​Professor Ha...
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On June 7, 2019, the 100th lecture of the Yangtze River Forum was held at the School of Economics and Management of our University. The lecture was given by Prof. Wu Junjie, a researcher at the School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a young Yangtze River scholar of the Ministry of Education. The theme was “Behavioral Computing and Financial...
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​On the morning of June 6, 2019, The Second Economics and Management High-End Forum was held at the School of Economics and Management. Eric R Young, an economics professor from the University of Virginia, gave a lecture entitled “Saving Constraints, Debt and Credit Market Response to Fiscal Stimulus: Theory and Transnational Evidence”.In countries with higher levels of inequality or higher ...
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On June 4th, the new book release ofHubei Folk Documents(ten volumes) was held, which was edited by Professor Zhang Jianmin of the School of History and published by Wuhan University Press. The book was part of the research results of Professor Zhang Jianmin’s team, who has been devoting to the collection of folk literature for more than 20 years. At the same time, a symposium on folk literatu...
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On May 28th, Wuhan University held the 98th lecture of the Yangtze River Forum, Professor Zhang Shouwen of Peking University Law School, a doctoral supervisor, the President of the Economic Law Research Association of the Chinese Law Society, and Distinguished Yangtze River Scholar of the Ministry of Education, gave a lecture entitled "Some of the Frontier Issues in Economic Law Theory".Profess...
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On May 17th, the "Dialogue on World History and Civilization" Symposium was held in the lecture hall of the School of Philosophy of Wuhan University. Professor Li Xuetao, Dean of the School of Global History at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Professor He Yansheng, Director of Religious Studies from Kaisei Gakuen Colledes in Japan, and Professor Wu Genyou from the School of Philosophy of Wu...
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