[Academic Achievement]"Collected Works of Western Psychological Literature in Modern China" were Published

The "Collected Works of Western Psychological Literature in Modern China", co-edited by Professor Yu Feng from the Department of Psychology at Wuhan University and Zhang Yuanhang, Vice President of the Central Compilation and Translation Press, was recently published by the Central Compilation and Translation Press. Associate Professor Xu Liying from the Department of Psychology served as the chief editor for the first edition of "General Psychology" in this series.

This collection consists of four editions totaling 51 volumes, comprising a large-scale and multi-disciplinary compilation of psychological research works. It covers a wide range of topics from early childhood psychology research to adult psychological development, from the formation of individual psychological consciousness to the derivation of mass psychology, and from various aspects including revolution, military affairs, education, application, and development, providing a comprehensive and detailed record and theoretical presentation of psychological research. The scale and influence of the authors involved in this collection are also immense, including psychologists such as William James, Hendrick, Allport, and the French scholar Léon Pannetier. This publication not only offers a feast of theoretical works for researchers in psychology but also provides an authoritative, comprehensive, and rich academic knowledge base for the study of psychology.

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