[Academic Seminar]Experts and Scholars Focus on Copyright Issues in the Training Stage of Artificial Intelligence

Recently, an academic seminar on copyright issues in the training stage of artificial intelligence was conducted, which was hosted by the School of Law, and organized by the Center for Law and Technology Research. More than 50 participants, including experts and scholars in the field of digital rule of law, practitioners from judicial departments, and representatives from internet platform companies attended the seminar.

During the opening ceremony, participants expressed the necessity of advancing the interdisciplinary integration of law with disciplines such as network engineering, information management, and artificial intelligence in the new era. They emphasized the importance of nurturing high-quality interdisciplinary legal talents. The seminar was considered timely, and they hoped that the platform of the Center for Law and Technology Research would not only enhance the theoretical research capabilities but also cultivate forward-thinking and enrich interdisciplinary knowledge among students.

In the keynote speech section, Professor Zhang Xinbao, Director of the Center of Network Information Law at Renmin University of China, delivered a speech on "Discussion on the Protection of Personal Information in the Training Corpus of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services". He briefly introduced the current challenges and legal issues in the emerging practice of training large models for AI services and proposed guiding principles and governance rules for protecting personal information in the training of generative artificial intelligence services. The discussion further explored the rule system for protecting personal information in the training of generative artificial intelligence services.

The seminar was divided into two sessions, with practitioners from various internet platforms and experts from universities delivering special reports from practical and theoretical perspectives. The discussions revolved around the legal issues of copyright protection in the data training of artificial intelligence.

In the closing ceremony, Director Zhang Hong of the Center for Law and Technology Research summarized the seminar, highlighting that disputes over the ownership of AI data training results cannot be solved by a single legal department. He expected that this conference would promote the formation of more innovative solutions and contribute to the protection of rights and the development of the industry.

(Photography: Ye Xin, Editing: Xiao Shan)

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