Professor Wang Yi Discusses the Invariance and Change of the General Rule of Civil Law

On April 16, 2017, the 17th lecture of the Yangtze River Forum was held at the School of the Law of Wuhan University. The theme of this lecture is "the Invariance and Change of the General Rule of Civil Law", and the famous civil law scholar professor Wang Yi was the speaker.

It took nearly two years to complete the compilation work of General Provisions of the Civil Law, which started on March 20, 2015 and was adopted in 2017. Professor Wang Yi pointed out that the general rules of civil law mainly remained unchanged, and the change and adjustment should have sufficient justification. The change of general rules of civil law is mainly embodied in three aspects: interpretation selection, legislative technology and value judgment. In the process of compiling the civil law, the concept of humanistic care is an important value orientation that legislators should bear in mind when making value judgments.

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