Professor Lu Jianing Lectures on the Foreign Policy of Asia - Pacific Countries

On April 10, the 170th session of the “Luojia Forum” of Wuhan University was held on the second floor of the lecture hall in the new library. С. Гу зунянин, Director of the Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, was invited to give an academic report entitled "Asia-Pacific countries foreign policy and international relations research".

Professor зунянин believed that the current changes in international relations are increasingly affected by the further development of geopolitical relations between China and the United States. A series of statements and policies introduced by Trump since he came to power have shown that the Trump administration has no intention of continuing the "new model relationship" put forward during Obama's administration, and there will be new changes in Sino-US relations. Speaking of Sino-Russian relations, Professor зунянин pointed out that the relations between the two countries are somewhere between partners and military and political allies, and it starts to show characteristics of allies. China's "Belt and Road" initiative is a complete innovation of Sino-Russian relations and Eurasian policies.

In addition, he also talked about the current situation and future of Russia-Japan relations, Russia-Mongolia relations, the DPRK nuclear issue, ASEAN, TPP and other issues, and stressed China's role in international relations. He believed that China's current economic strength clearly began to translate into political influence, exerting certain impact on the global peace and stability. In the future, China will play an increasingly important role in the international community.

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