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Yangtze River Academic,a professional academic journal of language and literature, is supervised and sponsored by Wuhan University, and organized by College of Chinese Language and Literature, Wuhan University. Founded in 2002, it focuses on publications of top-notch findings achieved in studies of Chinese language and literature.

Yangtze River Academicis indexed by bothInternational Bibliographyof Modern Language Association of America and Directory of Periodicals of Modern Language Association of America. According to the data of Reprinted Information Center of Renmin University of China, the reprinting rate ofYangtze River Academicranks the 6thin the discipline of language and literature.

Under the objective of “exploringacademic ideals in thisnew millennium”,Yangtze River Academiccarries forward the academic tradition of Zhang Huang School, attaching equal importance to tradition and modernity, theory and practice, with a stress on the academic, pioneering and creative quality of studies. Some classic columns are: studies of theories of literature and art, studies of Chinese ancient literature, studies of Chinese modern literature, studies of comparative literature and foreign literature, studies of ancient Chinese language, studies of modern Chinese language, textual research of literature, etc; some special columns are: studies of overseas Chinese literature, interviews of literature, speeches of literature, etc.

Yangtze River Academicis a quarterly journal. Domestic issue number: CN 42-1754/H; international issue number: ISSN 1673-9221. Domestic post subscription code: 38-432; international post subscription code: 9221. Official website:http://www.cnki.com.cn/Journal/F-F2-CJXS.htm. We sincerely welcome your contribution and subscription.

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