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Under supervision of the Ministry of Education,Wuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences),a comprehensive academic journal of humanities and social science, is sponsored by Wuhan University and published by Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences, Wuhan University. Its predecessor is theLiterature and Philosophy Quarterly of National Wuhan University,which started publication in 1930.

Wuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences)is: one of the Quality University Journals of Philosophy and Social Sciences Listed by the Ministry of Education, a Comprehensive Chinese Core Journal of Social Sciences in China, a source journal for Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index(CSSCI), and a major source journal for theperiodical literatures reprinted by Renmin University of China.

The current columns ofWuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences)are categorized according to different special subjects. Some famous columns are: Studies of the Localization of Marxism in China, Studies of Confucianism, Studies of Traditional Chinese Culture, Studies of Boundary and Maritime Issues, Studies of Writers and Works, Studies of Theories of Literature and Art, Studies of Modern History of China, Studies of the History of Germany, Studies of Ancient History of China, etc.

Domestic issue number ofWuhan University Journal (Humanity Sciences): CN 42-1662/C; international issue number: ISSN 1671-881X. Domestic post subscription code: 38-340; international post subscription code: BM4835. Official website:http://www.wujhss.whu.edu.cn/. We sincerely welcome your contribution and subscription.

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