Chinese Traditional Culture Summit • 2017 Held in Wuhan University

Chinese Traditional Culture Summit • 2017, which was organized by the Center of Traditional Chinese Cultural Studies and Wuhan University's Collaborative Innovation Center of National Cultural Soft Power, was held in Wuhan University.

The theme of this forum was "Inheritance and Innovation of Fine Traditional Chinese Culture", and discussions were conducted on the topics such as connotation and characteristics of Chinese culture, the unique path of Chinese cultural development, traditional culture and modern humanism and so on.

Professor Feng Tianyu of Wuhan University said that Chinese culture has a long history and the creation of Chinese characters dated back to more than 3,000 years ago. Professor Zhou Jiming of Hubei University pointed out that there are two coordinates, namely: universal norms in line with human society, and values and morality in line with the modern society.

Guo Qiyong believed that China's wisdom on "harmony" and "tolerance" among heaven, earth, people, things and me provides wisdom for the ecological balance of the natural environment of mankind and ecological balance of social humanistic environment, and it also provides important ideological resources for modern society.

Shen Zhuanghai believed that the problem of cultural self-confidence is an important practical issue and an academic topic in China at the current stage. This is due to reasons of multiple factors of history, times and reality.

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