2017 Forum on Communication Innovation in China was Held in WHU

On June 18, 2017 Forum on Communication Innovation in China was held in our University. More than 40 scholars and industry leaders gathered together in Luojia Hill to explore communication innovation.

The list of members of the new academic committee of the Wuhan University Center for Studies of Media Development was released at the opening ceremony.

Professor Shan Bo, director of the Center for Studies of Media Development, explained the specific connotation of "Communication Innovation in China", that is, based on an open system and the Internet communication form that disseminates China's wisdom and culture, we need to reconstruct China's communication system, making it an important global communication system and showing the power of China's communication. He also pointed out that the Center would focus on the forefront of the times, take Internet communication and Chinese communication innovation as the main direction, and deepen cooperation with the different parties to explore communication innovation.

Subsequently, the Center for Studies of Media Development signed cooperation agreements with CVSC-TNS Research and CTR Media Convergence Institute, agreeing to conduct strategic cooperation in multiple areas such as media integration, data depth research and development and so on. Xu Lijun, executive director and general manager of CVSC-TNS Research, executive dean of CTR Media Convergence Institute, was employed as a part-time researcher of the Center.

Earlier this year, the Center signed a cooperation agreement with People's Daily Online, cooperation will be conducted in data collection, research and development, "Belt and Road" public opinion analysis and other aspects.

The conference focused on topics such as "the research and innovation of the communication in the Internet age", "the Chineseization of communication research", "the practice of communication in the Internet age", "Chinese communication reflection", "communication research new problem" etc.

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