2017 World Econometric Society China Annual Conference was held in WHU

On June 9, 2017 World Econometric Society China Annual Conference was held at Wuhan University. More than 500 domestic and foreign economists from North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Korea and other countries and regions attended the meeting and exchanged views on the forefront issues of world econometrics, bringing the most international, cutting edge academic event in economic study to China.

The conference is a concentrated demonstration of global economic research, covering research realms of measurement model, Chinese economy, financial crisis and credit crisis, panel data, experimental economics, insurance, cash flow, labor economics, real estate economy, health economy, financial markets and so on. The conference attracted worldwide attention, since the preparation, a total of more than 450 papers has been received worldwide, among which nearly 200 papers were from foreign universities and research institutions.

This three-day meeting has attracted the attendance of more than 500 economists, experts and young scholars from Yale University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Ohio State University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of Hong Kong, Peking University, Tsinghua University and other well-known universities at home and abroad. Prof. Jonathan Eaton from the Pennsylvania State University, Prof. Elie Tamer from Harvard University, Prof. Zhou Shuhong from the National University of Singapore and Prof. Lin Yifu from Peking University presented keynote speeches at this annual conference. 12 experts and scholars, including Prof. Kevin Huang from the University of Vanderbilt, Prof. Han Hong from Stanford University, Professor Xiaohong Chen of Yale University, Professor Lung-Fei Lee of Ohio State University and others were invited to make special reports and share the latest achievements of their study. In addition, there were 17 parallel sessions for 143 special reports and group exchanges.

It is reported that the organizers of the conference, "World Econometric Society" is one of the most prestigious international academic organizations, the academician of the Society almost cover all the well-known economists in the world today. Every five years, the World Econometric Society will hold a World Economic Conference, known as the "Olympic" in economics, which exerts a far-reaching impact in the world.

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