Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wang Tongsan Attended the 185th Luojia Lecture

In the afternoon of May 26, 2017, Professor Wang Tongsan, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the former director of the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, gave an academic lecture entitledThe Achievements and the Problems Faced by China's Economic Development – Speaking from the "Government Work Report" in 2017.

As one of the drafters of theGovernment Work Report in 2017, Professor Wang analyzed the achievements and problems of China's economic development in the main contents of the Government Work Report. His lecture mainly focused on China's economic development achievements and the current problems in 2016. He said that in 2016, the main objectives and tasks of China's economic and social development are successfully completed, 13th 5-year plan has achieved a good start, economic development shows a slow stabilization with steady and good momentum, employment growth exceeds our expectations, economic restructuring is speeding up. China's current economic development is facing the lowest growth rate in world economy and trade in seven years, volatility in the international financial market, and an external environment features multiple and sudden regional and global challenges. Therefore we are confronted with domestic structural problems, multiple difficulties and economic downward pressure. Currently reform has entered into a crucial period, profound adjustment is taking place in terms of interest relations, and factors affecting social stability are also on the rise.

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