Huang Changzhu Lectured on the Influence of English Communication on the Language Pattern in the World

On May 26, Huang Changzhu, Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, attended the 184thLuojia Lecture and gave a lecture on the impact of English communication on the contemporary world language pattern.

Huang Changzhu pointed out that there are three reasons behind the distribution of world language: first, language is close to human, and is therefore most used by human; second, language is not only a tool human cannot live without, but also social control means as well as the carrier of civilization. Without language, social management and the economy will be a mess, as proved by the story of Babel Tower. Third, a clear understanding of the contemporary world language pattern can help us develop effectively a scientific language policy that is both conducive to the protection of national languages and to the communication and exchange between various ethnic groups. He further pointed out that language competition will not stop, and many languages are facing more and more serious threats.

Huang Changzhu said that the main reason for the spread of English and English culture around the world is that the so-called "British Empire" has been expanding around the world. After two world wars, the United States has gradually become the world's scientific, economic and military center, which boasts the largest number of the world's leading universities and developed mass media; the acceleration of the process of globalization also intensified the need of international language; and English itself is an open language.

Huang also mentioned that in the face of the current pattern of language distribution, we need to bear in mind the following: First, do our own thing, take practical measures to develop national language and national culture. Second, respect and tolerate foreign language and culture, and strive to improve the foreign language ability of young generation. Third, vigorously develop the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, and use Chinese as a working language in the international academic activities together other foreign languages.

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