Jin Canrong Lectured on Sino-US Relations under the Trump' s Administration

On April 28, Professor Jin Canrong of Renmin University of China gave an academic report entitled "Sino-US Relations under the Trump’s Administration". Professor Jin mainly elaborated on three aspects: the 2016 US election and Trump phenomenon; Trump’s election and Sino-US relations; general situation of the Sino-US relations.

Jin Canrong analyzed that there are three main features in the 2016 US election, namely public anxiety, fierce campaign, and negative campaigning. Trump campaign won mainly because of two reasons: first, good use of social structural contradictions; second, proper use of election strategy. Donald trump is politically anti-establishment, anti-revolution, and ideologically anti-elitism, anti-racism and anti-globalization, and his governance will have a direct impact on the development of the United States and its allies, neighbors and Muslim countries. When it comes to the impact of Trump’s administration on the Sino-US relations, Professor Jin pointed out that the two state leaders’ meeting in Mar-a-Lago means that the relations between the two countries are in a stable transitional period, but there are still many uncertainties, such as Trump’s awareness of power boundary, Sino-US debate and competition situation. At the same time, some economic frictions between China and the United States are inevitable. He also said that under the background of China's industrialization success, Trump’s election will not affect the general situation of Sino-US relations, the future situation of this bilateral relations will feature the coexistence of competition and cooperation. With the development of the two countries, domestic reform and the fourth industrial revolution will become the key in the competition between the two countries.

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