Entrepreneurship & Regional Development Special Issue - "Entrepreneurship in China" International Seminar was Held Successfully

In the process of China's growth as the world's second largest economy, entrepreneurship has played a key role. However, many of the current issues on entrepreneurship have not yet been resolved, entrepreneurship under the Chinese context still need more systematic and in-depth study. Thus, theEntrepreneurship & Regional Development magazine decided to launch a special issue on the theme "Entrepreneurship in China". On April 21, 2017, a special seminar related to this theme was held at the School of Economics and Management of Wuhan University.

Professor Alistair Anderson described how to write interesting articles and expounded on the relationship between "interesting articles" and "good articles", and he argued that writing interesting articles can proceed from two questions, namely “what is going to here?” and "how can we explain it?” and he explained it with an interesting theory. Subsequently, 12 contributors of this magazine shared their own articles on some aspects of China's entrepreneurship.

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