National Cultural Soft Power Building Collaborative Innovation CenterHolds its Annual Conference



On May 9, National Cultural Soft Power Collaborative Innovation Centerheld its annual conference. LuoYuting,deputy party secretary of Wuhan University, attended this conference.He hoped that all the participating members could engage in collaborative innovation, dig deep Chinese cultural soft power resources and give full play to the role of national think tank in constructing cultural soft power. FengTianyu,director of the Collaborative Innovation Center and senior professor of Wuhan University, pointed out that we should adhere to cultural subjectivity, pursue a path that features integration of Chinese and overseas resources and independent innovation.

This conference concluded that a country's cultural soft power refers tothe internal cohesion and external radiation of culture based on the creativity of cultural development, namely "creativity", "cohesion", "influence".

It is reported that the National Cultural Soft Power Collaborative Innovation Centerwas led by the Wuhan University by combing the strength of Traditional Chinese Culture Research Center, Marxist Theory and China Practice Collaborative Innovation Center and Media Development Research Center among other research institutions within Wuhan University, together with other higher learning institutions and research organizations like Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, Tsinghua University, Jilin University, Xinjiang University and so on. Over the past two years since the Center was established, it has yielded a large amount of landmark achievements in terms of scientific research, personnel training, counseling and government suggestions, and developed a number of important and influential academic works, such as Generation History of Chinese Culture, Series Books on Modern Transformation and Innovation of Traditional Chinese Culture: the Creation and Transformation of Modern Philosophy, Cultural Soft Power: Strategy, Structure and Path, The Soul of Rejuvenation–Elaboration on the Socialist Core Value System, Language and Nationand so on.

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