Book Edited by the Research Institute of Environmental Law was Officially Published by Springer

Recently, theInternational Yearbook of Soil Law and Policy 2016 edited by the Research Institute of Environmental Law of Wuhan University was published by Springer, an international authoritative press. Professor Qin Tianbao served as the co-editor of the book, and Professor Ben Boer and Professor Du Qun as the advisory committee. TheYearbook also contains the paper titledInternational Soil Protection Law: History, Concepts and Latest Developments (page 49-72) by Professor Ben Boer, Harald Ginzky and Irene L. Heuser, and another one titledLegislative Progress on Soil Contamination Prevention and Control in China (page 365-387) by Prof. Qin Tianbao and his postgradate student Dong Fang.

ThisYearbook consists of four parts. The first part "Words of Welcome from All Continents", contains congratulations from internationally renowned scholars and prominent politicians from various continents. The second part "Recent Developments of Soil Regulation at International Level" introduces the latest developments in soil management at the international level. The third part "Cross-Cutting Topics" covers a number of topics that are closely related to the implementation of the "sustainable development goals" from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as land use rights, access to food, and migratory rights. The last part "National and Regional Soil Legislation" introduces the latest developments in soil legislation in places such as China, Brazil, the European Union, Mongolia, Namibia, the United States and other countries and regions.

It was reported that theYearbook was published as part of the legal portfolio of Springer press, which allowed the book to be widely distributed internationally. At the same time, theYearbook is another English academic work published by international authoritative publishing house following the Environment Law Dimensions of Human Rights edited by Professor Ben Boer and published by Oxford University Press,The Mekong: A Socio-legal Approach to River Basin Development published by Routledge Press,Chinese Environmental Law edited by Professor Qin Tianbao and published by Edward Elgar Publishing House. (Research Institute of Environmental Law)

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