China Social Science Published a Paper on "Global Risk Society" Governance

The 2nd issue of the 2017China Social Science published Professor Fan Ruguo's paper titled"Global Risk Society" Governance: Complexity Paradigm and China's Participation, Professor Fan Ruguo is from the School of Economics and Management of WHU.

From the perspective of multidisciplinary theory, this paper systematically analyzes the typical characteristics of the global risk society, the complex mechanism and the situation of China. This paper believes that the world is entering an era of highly uncertain "risk society", risks have become an important characteristic of modern society and is changing the logic and rules of modern society, human society's values and behavior are being reconstructed systematically, global governance gradually evolves into "global risk society" governance. The existing public management and international governance can not meet the requirements of risk society governance, and the new governance has not yet formed, which becomes the major theoretical and practical problems global risk management needs to solve urgently. This paper systematically puts forward the proposals and suggestions on how to construct the common consciousness, culture and mechanism for global governance of risk, enhance the ability to manage, select and defuse risks and strengthen anti-vulnerability capacity.

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