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Under supervision of the Ministry of Education, and sponsored by Wuhan University,Document, Information & Knowledgeis a comprehensive academic journal of Library, Information and Archives Management--a national first-class discipline.Since it started publication, the journal ofDocument, Information & Knowledgehas held firmly to its political orientation, taken promoting innovation in both theory and practice of document and information science, and building public culture and information society as its guidelines. Its objective of publication is “to pay close attention to the state of public knowledge, and to lead the trend of disciplinary development”.

Supported by School of Information Management, Wuhan University (member of iSchools),Document, Information & Knowledgeemphasizes academic taste, and leads the direction of disciplinary development. There are four permanent columns: Doctoral Forum; Document, Literature and Exchanges; Information and Sharing; Knowledge, Study and Management. With a close cooperation with overseas counterparts, it started a special column named “Discipline Frontier·Overseas Edition”, publishing articles contributed by noted scholars in related fields from abroad. Besides, it has established another special column named “Professional Education”, aiming to demonstrate latest progress made in and trend of the education of document and information in China.

Since the first issue ofDocument, Information & Knowledge,ithas always strictly observed academic norms, and been subscribed on a long-term basis by many established colleges of information management in both Europe and America, for its published papers generally feature cutting-edge theories, abundant academic information, and high reprinting rate.

Document, Information & Knowledgeis a core Chinese journal, an honored journal of library science in China, and a funded journal under the national social science fund. It is a source journal for Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index(CSSCI), Chinese Humanities and Social Science Citation Database (CHSSCD), Chinese Core Journals (For Selection) Database, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED), Chinese Journal Full-Text Database (CJFD), Chinese Scientific and Technological Journal Database, etc. Besides, it is indexed by Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

Domestic issue number: CN42-1085/G2; international issue number: ISSN1003-2797. Post subscription code: 38-108. Official website: sincerely welcome your contribution and subscription.

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