[Academic Achievements] Liangxi International Organization Law (Eighth Edition) Officially Published

The eighth edition of Liangxi International Organization Law, written by the renowned international law scholar, legal educationist, pioneer, and founder of Chinese international organization law, Professor Liang Xi (1924-2020), has been included in the "Wuhan University Centennial Classics" series and officially published by Wuhan University Press.

Liangxi International Organization Law (Eighth Edition) originated from the lecture notes prepared by Professor Liang Xi for undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in international law at Peking University and Wuhan University for many years. The initial draft was completed in 1981, the same year as the publication of International Institutional Law by Dutch international law scholar Henry G. Schermers. The first edition was officially published in 1984 under the title Modern International Organizations. It was the first monograph on international organization law in China and the only monograph in this emerging field of international law in China for a long time. Over more than 30 years, Professor Liang Xi meticulously revised the book several times. In 1993, as part of the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" and "Higher Education Liberal Arts Textbooks", the second edition was published under the title International Organization Law and won the first prize of the National Education Commission's Third Outstanding Textbook Award. In 1996, it was revised again and published as the third edition in traditional Chinese characters in Taiwan (Zhiyi Publishing House). The fourth edition was published in 1998, the fifth edition in 2001, and the book was recommended by the Graduate Work Office of the Ministry of Education as a teaching material for graduate students, recognized as a rare academic masterpiece by the academic community. In 2011, with the assistance of Professor Yang Zewei, Professor Liang Xi revised and published the sixth edition, renamed Liang's International Organization Law. In 2022, Professor Yang Zewei, following Professor Liang's wishes, supervised the revision and publication of the seventh edition, named Liangxi International Organization Law. In 2023, in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of Wuhan University, Professor Yang Zewei hosted the revision and publication of Liangxi International Organization Law (Eighth Edition), included in the "Wuhan University Centennial Classics" series.

In comparison, this edition has several major features: Firstly, it establishes an independent system of international organization law with Chinese characteristics, constructs the jurisprudence of international organizations, and proposes a series of innovative academic viewpoints, significantly enhancing the theoretical depth and academic value of international organization law. Secondly, it delves into the interaction between China and international organizations. Thirdly, it organically combines the study of international organization law with the philosophy of international law and the development trend of international law. Fourthly, it systematically expounds the legal systems of different types of international organizations, such as the United Nations as a global international organization and its legal system, interpreting the legal systems of regional international organizations, specialized international organizations, and international alliances, among others.

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