[Journal Development] WHU Held an Expert Review Meeting for the Annual Evaluation and Assessment of Social Benefits of Chinese Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences

In order to further promote the high-quality development of academic journals of humanities and social sciences of Wuhan University, on April 15, WHU held an expert review meeting for the evaluation and assessment of journals' social benefits. The leaders and key editors of 15 Chinese journals attended the meeting.

Fang Qing, Dean of the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences of Wuhan University, affirmed the achievements of our university in the development of academic journals of humanities and social sciences in 2021, and extended appreciation to the journal staff for their hard work. He also pointed out that academic journals are valuable resources related to the overall development of philosophy and social sciences. The Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences is striving to strengthen standardized management, supervision and accountability mechanism, and pay more attention to ensuring academic quality with the right political direction. It is hoped that all parties will work together to further improve the quality of the liberal arts journals of Wuhan University and serve the purpose of facilitating new round of "double first-class" development.

In his speech, Hu Jun, a researcher from the Publishing Office of the Publicity Department of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, fully affirmed the importance of this journal review meeting, and put forward suggestions in three aspects: first, periodical publishing units should establish and improve systems and mechanisms that put social benefits first and combine social and economic benefits; secondly, in the process of editing and publishing, we must strictly implement the system of "three reviews and three proof-reading", carry out editing and publishing activities in a solid manner in accordance with relevant regulations, and conscientiously implement standardized publishing; third, it is necessary to regularly organize editors for studies and exchanges of views.

After the meeting, the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences will comprehensively evaluate the scores of the external and internal reviews, grade the social benefit assessment of each journal, and determine the 2022 funding plan for outstanding journals in the humanities and social sciences based on the review results.

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