Shen Zhuanghai




Born on November 6th, 1971, Shen Zhuanghai is now the current Director of WHU Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences,a professor with PhD, Cheung Kong Scholar Professor. Shen is a selected member in the talent scheme of the national publicity and cultural system, a special researcher in the China Research Association of Ideological and Political Work, and he is elected in the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University(NCET)

Shen also concurrently serves as the Vice President and Secretary-general of the National Research Association of University Social Science Research Management, the executive directorat the Youth Social Science Association under China Youth Federation.

His main researches focus on the basic theories of ideological and political education, Marxist theory of culture and Chinese socialist cultural advancement, and comparative study onideological and political education, etc. He published multiple books, represented by A Study on the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education and The Cultural Perspective of Ideological and Political Education, in addition to approximately 100 papers.

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