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Social Security Studies,supervisedby the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Wuhan University, is a source journal for CSSCI (Extended Edition) that has been published both at home and abroad. Supported by the Center of Social Security Studies of Wuhan University, a chief research base of humanities and social sciences listed by the Ministry of Education, this journal is open to many sectors: colleges and universities, research institutions, sectors of human resources and social security, health sectors, sectors of civil affairs, labor unions, disabled federations, sectors concerning the elderly, charity organizations, nursing institutions for the aged, medical institutions, banks, foundations and insurance industry.

Social Security Studiesfocuses on: social security fund, endowment insurance, enterprise annuity and employee welfare, health insurance and medical reform, unemployment insurance and labor employment, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, housing assistance, relief and charity, social security act, etc. By pooling achievements obtained in theoreticaldiscussions, policy studies, social investigations, international comparisons,new academic developments,Social Security Studiesprovides both a platform for academic exchanges of social security, and a reference to the improvement of social security systems.

Social Security Studiesis a bimonthly journal. Domestic issue number: CN42-1792/F; international issue number: ISSN 1674-4802. Post subscription code: 38-275. E-mail of the Editorial Department: Official website: sincerely welcome your contribution and subscription.

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