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Founded in June 2011, and sponsored by both Society of China University Journals and Wuhan University,Journal of Information Resources Managementis the first academic journal in the field of information resources management that shares the same name of this discipline. It focuses on theories, methods and techniques involved in the process of information resources management, covering a wide range of studies in fields of information development and application,information organization and retrieval,information system and integration,information economy and policy, information service and users, etc. For teachers and students of information resources management major in universities, researchers both at home and abroad in related institutions, personnel participating in information resources management in government sectors and enterprises, this journal is providing a platform for both exchanges of information and publications of research findings.

The guideline ofJournal of Information Resources Managementis to strive to be a pacemaker in academic exchanges of information resources management both at home and abroad, with particular emphasis on both theoretical studies in the field of information resources management, and content studies of information resources. Its objective of publication is to, based on this specific discipline and oriented to the industry as a whole, provide a stage for the studies of information resources management, and give theoretical guidance for the practice of information resources management, so as to promote theoretical studies and disciplinary building in the field of information resources management.

Journal of Information Resources Managementhas been indexed by six noted databases in mainland China and Taiwan, including China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), Wan-fang Database, and Airiti Library,etc. It is also listed as a major source journal of reprinting of 2014in the subject of document, information and archives management by Reprinted Information Center of Renmin University.

Information Resources Managementis a quarterly journal. International issue number:ISSN 2095-2171; domestic issue number: CN42-1812/G2. Post subscription code: 38-544. Official website: sincerely welcome your contribution and subscription.

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